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The creator of the Volcom Clothing "stone" is Eli Kramer, a legend in the surf industry. Volcom Hoodies caters to the surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding markets and is born out of the founders' own experiences with these sports. Volcom Jeans is known for its elaborate uses of the "stone" logo and its "Youth Against Establishment" motto.

We have Volcom Classic Jeans, Volcom Slim Fit Jeans, Volcom Ergo Jeans and many more brands, styles and colours of Volcom Jeans will be added soon all for delivery in the UK and Europe. Top retailer of Volcom Denims in the UK. We will soon have jeans, jeans and more jeans but until then you will have to make do with the very best of the Volcom Jeans range, specially selected Volcom Jeans for the discerning Volcom customer.

Volcom gear initially began as an idea shared between two amateur snowboarding mates; Richard Woolcott and Tucker who, after routine Tahoe trip to visit two friends, discovered the real joy of 'riding powder' unblemished snow which was soon to become more than just a holiday past time. They talked about setting up their own clothing company and as the idea grew, they soon found themselves setting up a riding company based around the three sports that they enjoyed. With a $5000 loan from Richard's dad, it wasn't long before 'Volcom' was officially born.

The leading principles of Volcom tshirts have stayed the same as when the concept first came to light; And so Volcom clothing grew and has continued to grow with a series of featured riders to carry the name across a series of skating, surfing and snowboarding events worldwide. The Volcom gear range itself is perhaps a little less 'radical' than you might expect, but by no means sacrifices any of its originality. The Volcom men's clothing range covers a spectrum of Volcom tops, Volcom trousers, Volcom jeans, Volcom board-shorts, Volcom t-shirts, fleeces, sweaters and Volcom jackets.

Jamie Lynn has been associated with Volcom from very early on and his experiences and accolades in the snowboarding world have made him an obvious bearer of the torch. He lends his name to the 'Jamie Lynn' FA Slim T-shirt which features his own artwork, a screen-print design which is available in a variety of colours and sizes. The Volcom brand covers a number of accessories on both the men's and Volcom women's ranges including Volcom hats for both warm and cold climates, underwear, Volcom socks, belts and Volcom wallets, luggage and now the range even includes a series of 'miscellaneous' extras that might come in handy on those trips to the slopes or to the coast such as umbrellas, Volcom scarves, towels, Volcom key-chains, compasses, lanyards, ties and even a folding chair! These items are perhaps testament to the experiences of seasoned sports men and women.

Wear the Volcom gear endorsed by legends such as Bruce Irons, Geoff Rowley, Ryan Sheckler and Terje Haakonsen.

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