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Skullcandy headphones where made as a response to the anodyne, plain black or white headphones that ruled the world until the mid nineties. It's not just enough to sound good, and Skullcandy headphones do sound good, You've got to look the part too. SkullCandy Headphones, SkullCandy Earbuds, Skull Candy Music Players and Skull Candy Stereo Headphones are all dressed up to the nines in playful and vibrant colours. Get a few sets to match your clobber!

From no where SkullCandy has become the leader in the skate/surf/snow/bmx for audio headphones. With a plethora of teamriders doing what they do best with the SkullKandy fuelled tunes the bright colours and skulls are being worn where it matters.

Unfortunately our SkullCandy are either no longer available, or not yet in stock. Please come back later or return to your last page