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A Nooka Watch. What is Nooka you may be asking yourself. Nooka watches are the essence of noo, newness, newlyness, nooism and hence nooismo. it is New York City and it is Osaka, Tokyo, and London. it is Reykjavik too.

Nooka is not a big faceless corporation their founder and designers oversee all stages of development ensuring you, the stylish consumer, items that express ideals at maximum nooismo. Nooka is your fantasy, a wrist supported fetish, a fabulous facet of your fashion to focus fits of felicitous fiction or flipping fabulous facts.

We stock the full range of Nooka Watches including the popular Nooka ZUB Watch, Nooka ZEN Watch, Nooka Watch ZOT, Nooka Watch ZIRC, Nooka ZING Watch and Nooka ZOO. The Nooka LED range shows that time in linear.

Unfortunately our Nooka are either no longer available, or not yet in stock. Please come back later or return to your last page