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There are so many different styles of Gravis Trainers available for kids, men and women including high-selling models like the Slymz, Tarmac Vulc, Kai Racer and Chuck. Gravis skate trainers have been gathering momentum and Gravis shoes are rightly getting a superb reputation amongdt the skateboard crowd

In recent years, Gravis Trainers have branched out making gravis accessories including Gravis Rucksacks and other accessories. The gravis approach to their range is the same as their shoes: High quality and rugged design that looks good. All of the Gravis rucksacks are built to last and have many unique and innovative features to make carrying school supplies and other things a breeze.

Skateboarders like Gravis Trainers, couple that with the fact that Gravis Skate Shoes are also known to be comfortable and durable, and you have a recipe for a great brand name that will continue to gain recognition in the skateboarding world.